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Welcome to Bike Tour 2013

Once again we find ourselves in the season of cycling for gender and equality! For those of you new to the ‘Tour du Faso’, here is what you have to look forward to: Peace Corps Volunteers biking around the country to raise funds for the PC Burkina Faso Gender and Development Committee! Beginning September 1st, 2013, Peace Corps volunteers from around Burkina Faso will be participating in Le Tour de Burkina, the fourth annual country-wide bike tour to raise money for Gender and Development projects in Burkina.

Gender and Development projects encompass a huge variety of volunteer projects, be they organizing a girls’ camp to promote self-esteem and goal setting or helping a women's group conduct an income generating activity. These are of critical importance in Burkina Faso and represent a significant component of each volunteer’s work. The Gender and Development (GAD) Committee exists to support volunteer-initiated, gender equity projects around Burkina Faso; with Le Tour de Burkina we hope to generate funds so the GAD Committee can give small-scale project grants and volunteers can continue the essential work of promoting gender awareness and equality in Burkina Faso. We’re proud to say that last year’s tour raised nearly $6,000.

Take a glance at the Burkina Bike Tour Q & A (see below) for a complete history of this initiative.


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To make your tax deductable donation to the 2013 Annual Bike Tour and do your part to help fight inequality and empower the peoples of Burkina Faso, click on the link below or copy and paste the url: 

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Burkina Bike Tour Q & A

Q: Where is Burkina Faso and why should I care?

A: Burkina Faso is a small, landlocked country about the size of Colorado located in the middle of West Africa. Rated by the EU as 174th out of 175 poorest countries in the world (based on GDP, education levels and health) it is currently home to over 150 Peace Corps volunteers. Aside from the obvious poverty, volunteers are working to irradiate the gender inequality in Burkina and empower young men and women to reach their goals and uplift their country.


Q: What is Bike Tour Burkina?

A: Bike Tour Burkina, or in French Sur les velos, pour Faso is an annual fundraiser put on by the Gender and Development Committee (GAD) in connection with Peace Corps Burkina Faso. This year we will be riding for 16 days, covering about 500 kilometers, and passing by about 15 volunteer sites. The tour will increase awareness of Peace Corps Burkina Faso’s activities and reinforce the relationships within volunteers’ communities.


Q: So you guys are you just biking around for two weeks? 

A: No way! Each stop we make along the way is hosted by a Peace Corps volunteer. In conjunction with raising money on their own, they have also agreed to set up some kind of workshop or training in their village. This means that along with a full day of biking, volunteers will be helping train men and women on things like hygiene, AIDS/HIV awareness, gender equality, income generating activities and other awesome projects needed by their communities.


Q: How will you guys raise money? What is your goal?

 A: We are asking friends, families, fellow bike enthusists and total stranges back home to donate to our cause. All 100% tax-deductible donations will be through the Peace Corps Country Fund and will go directly to funding volunteer projects. And in Burkina Faso--one of the poorest countries in the world--even a small donation can go a long way.

In the past three years Bike Tour Burkina has raised over $15,000US, and 100% of every one of those dollars has gone straight to the Burkinabe peoples. This year we are hoping to eclipse last year’s total of $6,000US, which will help fund nationwide camps and trainings, as well as village-focused smaller and specific projects.